Best IELTS Coaching Classes in Mehsana


IELTS Coaching Overview


Are you looking for IELTS classes in Mehsana? Shree Acharya Academy helps you in IELTS training, Our Certified Trainers which help you to get a good score. The IELTS test is led by the British Council, IDP, and Cambridge foundations. It is intended to allow test takers for advanced education and movement or even work-related planning. Shree Acharya Academy IELTS gives leading IELTS training to the students to improve their execution of the test. It is additionally an enlisted community for the IELTS test and provides the best training through its IELTS Classes in Mehsana.

  • Accelerated practice and far-reaching content on four abilities like Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
  • Intensive knowledge into the pattern and question types to improve the score on all segments.
  • 1 on 1 discussion with the staff.
  • Assessing and giving tips on the writing and speaking task given as homework on each classroom training day.

How to Prepare for IELTS Exam

  • ListeningThe Listening test is the same for both IELTS Academic test and IELTS General Training test. You will need to answer 40 questions in response to four recordings. You will listen to four recordings which are a mix of monologues and conversations from a range of native speakers and you will only hear each recording once.
  • Speaking The Speaking test will assess your use of spoken English. The test will last between 11 and 14 minutes where you will discuss a variety of topics with an IELTS examiner. Your test will take place in a quiet room with an examiner who will encourage you to keep speaking. There are 3 sections in speaking test. Interview, Cue card and Discussion
  • ReadingIt consists of 40 questions. A variety of question types is used in order to test a wide range of reading skills. These include reading for gist, reading for main ideas, reading for detail, skimming, understanding logical argument, recognising writers’ opinions, attitudes and purpose.
  • WritingThe IELTS Writing test will take 60 minutes. Candidates are required to write at least 150 words for Task 1 and at least 250 words for Task 2. Both responses should be written in a formal style.

IELTS Language Training

Shree Acharya Academy is always here to hold your hand and walk through every hurdle to drop you at your favorite abroad location to make your future brighter.

Coaching Time

8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
3:00 PM to 6:00PM


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